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More than 40 years experience in this field certify the quality of our products

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide high quality services to our customers. We take our mission seriously: from the selection of materials, to processing techniques, to delivery and installation.

Our aim is to turn our work and passion into original and innovative products.

About Us

Graniti Compar processes and sells products extracted from quarries all over the world and together with Graniti Compar Servizi and Ilexa Technological Quarz has been providing for 40 years marble and granite coming from Italy and from the rest of the world.

More than 40 years experience in this field certify the quality of our products: our first company, ‘Paradiso&Sicoli’, was founded in 1971. Our team is able to deliver quickly any type of order, thanks to the deep knowledge of B2B and B2C markets.

Il Gruppo

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Graniti Compar

Founded in 1987, the company meticulously selects blocks of marble and granite and manufactures a wide range of semi-finished, smoothed and polished slabs. The customers are professionals that process natural stone surfaces and require very high quality materials.

Graniti Compar Servizi

Founded in 2007, the company transforms a part of slabs into finished products for building and architecture fields and for public tenders.

Ilexa Technological Quarz

It is the flagship of our company: quartz is a mix of elegance and resistance. It is an agglomerate of quartz-resin which is more resistant than a natural stone. It is available in a wide range of colors and it is suitable for any style.

Every aspect of manufacturing
process is carefully detailed.

Graniti Compar is a specialist in the processing of natural and composite materials.

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